12 Days of Wine

These collections contain 12 windows of delicious wine to enjoy during the 12 Days of Christmas. Whether you’re new to wine or a connoisseur, these flavorful wines give you reason to pause, sip, savor and indulge in a few relaxing holiday moments. Treat someone to this special gift, or enjoy all by yourself.


New Year's Sparkler Packs

This curated collection of imported sparkling wines gives you seven days of feeling bubbly. It is a great gift – even if you’re giving it to yourself! These sparkling wines are perfect for toasting friendships, accomplishments and possibilities. They also go well with peace and quiet.

Sparkling wine is extremely food friendly, pairing nicely with everything from crab stuffed lobster tails to take-out fried chicken. These wines taste best chilled – 2 hours in the refrigerator or 20 minutes in an ice bucket – and you’re on the way to a wonderful bubbly experience!